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Creosote Control Firebrick

For Woodstoves & Inserts & Alternative Fuels

Made from 100% all-natural sawdust.
Contains no waxes or oils. Simply add 1 “Brick” to active fire.
Helps prevent chimney fires.
Is specially formulated to control creosote buildup in wood and coal stoves, fireplace inserts, pellet stoves and fireplaces.
4 pack equals 60 days of treatment

Part #: 1004 - (4 Pack)
Part #: 1004 - (4 Pack)
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How to Use
Additional Info
Four bricks made of all natural sawdust contains no waxes or oils
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Add one brick to active medium fire (325°-350°)
Four pack = 60 day of treatment, more concentrated than the powder (even though the active ingredient is identical), if burning often, we recommend the powdered products as it is more cost effective. OK on catalytic convertors but must put cat on bypass (open) and leave for 1 hour after treatment. ashes are not garden safe due to copper content.