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Gas Log Cleaner

For Gas Stoves & Inserts

A powerful, ready-to-use cleaner that removes soot build-uup from gas logs making them look new again.
Does not require the dis-assembly of logs for cleaning.
Will not harm burners or discolor logs.

Part #: 503 - 16oz
Part #: 503 - 16oz
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How to Use

Removes soot and smoke stains that accumulate on gas logs and the masonry surfaces surrounding fireplaces and fireplace inserts, removes water stains, dirt, and grease from all kinds of masonry surfaces

for best results, heat logs with fireplace on, turn flame off, spray longs while still hot to ‘crack’ any baked on glaze, doees not reqire the disassembly of logs for cleaning, will not harm burners or discolor logs