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Liquid Creosote Destroyer

For Woodstoves & Inserts & Alternative Fuels & Creosote Control

Reduces formation and accumulation of creosote.
Transforms existing creosote deposits into a powdery ash.
Helps prevent chimney fires.
Spray liberally onto split side of cord wood or pellets and allow to completely dry before burning.

Part #: 12 - 32oz
Part #: 12 - 32oz
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32oz liquid spray bottle
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Spray directly onto wood/pellets and allow to dry, Burn treated wood in medium fire (325°-350°).
Chemically activated by burning fire, use regularly to maintain fireplace and help prevent creosote buildup, CATL converters should be in BYPASS mode for 1 hour, Mild formula compared to the powdered products, can be used daily. Can be sprayed directly onto 'fake' logs, Clanking noises are creosote breaking apart, burns and leaves white ash, will not treat 3rd degree creosote buildup, will not negatively impact stainless steal.